Devleopment of E-commerce with these 11 winning Website Design Ideas!

Development of E-commerce, but Why?

Those traditional days are gone when you used to decorate your offline shops with whatever material you could find within your budget. 

Today, over  2.14 billion people are online shoppers, and definitely, many of them would be your target customers. 

So, what do you understand by this? 

This means that in today’s world if you want to grow your business online, you need to design and build an online presence for these online shoppers. 

The development of e-commerce websites has become vital in the E-commerce industry, not only for large-scale businesses but also for small businesses.

Development of E-commerce website for your business is as important as oxygen for humans. But the most basic question arises: How?

This blog answers every question that jumps into your brain. Read to the end to get a kickstart on developing an E-commerce platform to grow your business online.

11 Website Design Ideas You Need for Development of E-commerce

11 Website Design Ideas You Need for the Development of E-commerce!

  1. Make User Your Friend with a User-friendly Website
Make User Your Friend with a User-friendly ecommerce Website

Put yourself in the user’s shoes and think about a situation where you don’t quickly find what you are searching for on the website. Will you spend an extra single second on that page? No, right?

To avoid this, you need to keep your website simple but keep everything visible to the users.

In simple words, use easy-to-use navigation on your website. This is the first thing you should focus on during the development of an e-commerce website.

The development of e-commerce platforms requires user-friendly interfaces.

Design and place your menu so that it is easy for users to find the product they want. They can also simply browse the product categories, offers, deals, etc. 

Below are some examples by which you can get a clear idea:

  • Locate the menu bar on the top as it makes it visible to the user every time;
  • Breadcrumbs navigation system can be used to allow users to go back to previous pages or sections easily;
  • Add a search bar to enable users to find the specific product quickly they are searching for;
  • Clickable logos are popular today. Linking to your homepage without adding a menu section makes it visually appealing and makes it easy for users to return to the home page;
  • Visual cues and icons, like arrows, buttons, and icons, are essential tools for guiding users and highlighting navigation elements or actions;
  • Utilizing descriptive and informative link text accurately outlines the destination or content of the linked page, aiding users in understanding the intended destination.
  • Make navigation elements accessible to users with disabilities through alternative text, keyboard shortcuts, and adhering to accessibility standards.
  1. To Rank on Top, Use Top-notch Visual Content 
To Rank on Top, Use Top-notch Visual Content

Whether it is your social media page or phone gallery, you always keep only those photos that are of the best quality and clarity.

So why compromise with the photos and videos posted on the website?

Visual content has the special power to attract the human mind and help manipulate them into buying the product. The quality of your photos and videos shows your professionalism and determination regarding the user’s experience.

Don’t make your website boring by using images and videos. Try to show your creative side here because the development of an e-commerce website is all about creativity.

Add photos from different angles and make videos with high-quality editing and sound.

You just need to make that user stick to your site and ultimately purchase the product. That’s it!

  1. Another Alternative is Choosing Different Payment Alternatives.
Another Alternative is Choosing Different Payment Alternatives.

Don’t give your users reasons for not buying your product just because they didn’t find a suitable payment option. 

Add all the popular and safe payment options to your site. This will enhance customers’ experiences and increase conversion rates. Online payment gateways are critical components of the development of E-commerce.

Display payment method icons on your site to inform shoppers about their options for purchasing your products.
Some of the most popular payment options are:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallets (such as Venmo, Cash App, etc.)

When it comes to payment, it is always related to payment security. The development of e-commerce has prompted regulatory frameworks for online transactions.

Hence, it is the responsibility of your website to choose your payment gateway wisely and secure it without any vulnerabilities.

  1. Availability-Based Product Filtration:
Availability-Based Product Filtration

Make yourself different from others by providing customers with a range of pickup or delivery options to choose from. 

Through the development of e-commerce technologies, availability-based product filtration enables customers to make informed purchasing decisions based on real-time inventory data.

With the help of these filters, users can easily locate products based on their preferred pickup method.

This feature enhances the chances of converting customers by offering fast and accessible options which ultimately helps in your online business growth. 

  1. Chat with Your Users Through ChatBots
Chat with Your Users Through ChatBots

It is said that your business should never sleep. It should be available to customers 24/7. You never know when a customer will land on your website and place an order.

Chatbots are a unique way to connect with your customers and solve their queries and doubts.

Today, Chatbots and virtual assistants are enhancing customer support in the development of E-commerce industry.

Many e-commerce websites use this feature to assist their customers with navigation and frequently ask questions without any delay. 

  1. Mobile Application is Necessary
Mobile Application is Necessary

You have endless opportunities to increase your business’s reach. Many surveys have shown that users are more active on mobile phones than on laptops or PCs because of their handy nature and accessibility.

Mobile devices have significantly contributed to the development of e-commerce.

As a smart business owner, consider investing in a dedicated mobile app for your store, apart from just focusing on your website.  Mobile apps have many advantages, such as:

  • Serve as a constant reminder to your brand
  • Easier to operate 
  • Accessible and have faster loading.

In simple terms, boost website traffic by developing an app for customers to receive product updates and offers directly through notifications, eliminating the need for customers to open browsers or other apps.

  1. Users will Follow You If You Follow Trend
Users will Follow You If You Follow Trend

Those days are gone when the development of e-commerce platforms was made just to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Now, it is more than that. A lot of things have changed due to fast-changing technology.

This is where the trend enters the room. These trends include interactive interfaces, personalized product suggestions, etc.

The development of e-commerce is witnessing a surge in mobile shopping trends, with more consumers preferring convenience at their fingertips.

Personalization is at the forefront of the development of e-commerce, as businesses leverage data insights to tailor user experiences and enhance customer satisfaction.

Everyone wants everything to be as quick as a click. Users seek effortlessly 

navigation to search for products, make purchases, and track orders through online platforms.

You need to keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends to be the trendsetter, not a follower!

  1. Enhanced Search Capabilities
Enhanced Search Capabilities

You can’t deny that AI is becoming an important part of every area, especially e-commerce. Today, AI and machine learning are driving forces behind the development of e-commerce.

Using AI features in your website will not only enhance the user experience to the next level but also make many things easier for you.

AI-powered search engines can deliver more accurate, relevant search results, improving the overall user experience and helping customers find products more efficiently. 

  1. Remember Voice Search Integration:
Voice search Integration

The Voice search must not be new to you since you must have used it on various platforms. Voice commerce is an emerging trend in the ongoing development of e-commerce.

Why not use it on your website and app? Rather than making users type the product, they can use the voice search engine to get the product they want.

By incorporating AI tech for voice search functionality, your website can cater to the growing number of users who prefer to search and shop using voice commands. 

This will expand your reach and accessibility.

  1. Order tracking:
Ecommerce order tracking

The development of e-commerce has revolutionized order tracking, offering real-time updates to customers about their purchases.

This feature offers customers invaluable peace of mind and convenience throughout the shopping journey.  

Through this feature, the customer can easily monitor the progress of their placed order in real-time from the moment it is processed to its final delivery destination. 

This feature’s transparency empowers and informs customers. Ultimately, it will enhance the overall shopping experience and build a long-lasting relationship with our valued customers. 

  1. FAQs and Social Proofs
FAQs and social proofs for ecommerce.

Consumer trust and satisfaction are crucial for the sustainable development of e-commerce. FAQs and Social Proofs section should be designed to address the common inquiries and concerns that customers may have regarding the product. 

These answered questions will provide clear and comprehensive answers, which will help gain the customer’s trust and avoid all potential uncertainties.

On the other hand, social proof serves as a powerful endorsement that builds credibility and trust among potential buyers.

Highlighting the experience of real customers, the website builds confidence in the minds of users to make informed purchasing decisions.


In conclusion, you can try these most prominent but important ideas to strive in the field of e-commerce. Not only this, there are plenty of other ideas that can help you gain a strong position in the market. 

Today, technological advancements drive the rapid development of e-commerce, which offers plenty of ideas for starting.

You just need to analyze what your business primarily needs. This idea can help your products attract customers’ attention and engagement. 

 E-commerce is beneficial not just for businesses but also for creating many new opportunities for people. 

  • It has reshaped traditional retail landscapes.
  • It has empowered consumers with choice and convenience.
  • The development of e-commerce has facilitated real-time inventory management.
  • It has bridged geographical barriers for businesses.
  • The development of e-commerce has elevated customer expectations for fast delivery.

Remember that following a trend may take you a step closer to your goal, but creating new ideas will make you 10 steps ahead of your competitors and closer to your goal.

So, try to experiment with these ideas and add your creativity rather than just copying them as they are.

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